clearviewtext-opentypeA modern sans neutral enough in design for corporate communication, with just enough of its own personality to separate itself from that vast ocean of sans serif fonts. ClearviewText represents the continuing evolution of the Clearview family of fonts. Its 48 fonts more than replaces the earlier ClearviewOne family of 156 PostScript fonts. Along with cross-platform capability, every member of the family now contains small caps, oldstyle and lining figures in both proportional and tabular widths, arbitrary fractions, inferior and superior figures, and extended latin diacritical support. Drawing on the same research and development that led to the ultra-legible ClearviewHwy fonts ClearviewText functions as a highly readable series of text and display fonts. John Berry writing about its predecessor ClearviewOne in Creative Pro says it “… reads astonishingly well as a text face.”


Complete Family
16 Fonts   |   Starting at $450.00

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Extra Thin & Black
4 Fonts   |   Starting at $170.00

Extra Thin
Extra Thin Italic
Black Italic

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Thin & Medium
4 Fonts   |   Starting at $170.00

Thin Italic
Medium Italic

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Light & Bold
4 Fonts   |   Starting at $170.00

Light Italic
Bold Italic

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Book & Heavy
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Book Italic
Heavy Italic

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