In my quest to have an original typeface library that covers all of the major genres I realized I was lacking a true square sans serif design. I had toyed with a square sans years ago when I was developing the Clearview fonts. One of the key details of the Clearview design that helps its functionality are the slightly square counter shapes that work in opposition to the more elliptical outer shapes. So if this was true would a more completely square design improve performance? I developed this family in a similar structure to ClearviewText. Three widths, twelve weights per width with some simple obliques for contrast. I did not have the resources to test this new design with the rigor that went into the Clearview project but to my eyes Choice Sans has the potential to perform well in applications where legibility is paramount. I’m currently using it as my email client font and it looks great on-screen with no additional engineering.

 Three weights, twelve weights per width with obliques. 72 fonts all with a bevy of OpenType features. It contains extensive latin script support and as in all our newest designs support for Vietnamese.

I hope you find it useful.

ABCDEFGHIJklmnopqrstuv 123456

Complete Family
24 Fonts   |   Starting at $600.00

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Extra Thin & Ultra
4 Fonts   |   Starting at $170.00

Extra Thin
Extra Thin Oblique
Ultra Oblique

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Thin & Bold
4 Fonts   |   Starting at $170.00

Thin Oblique
Bold Oblique

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Light & Extra Bold
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Light Oblique
Extra Bold
Extra Bold Oblique

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Regular & Heavy
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Heavy Oblique

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Medium & Black
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Medium Oblique
Black Oblique

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Demi & Extra Black
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Demi Oblique
Extra Black
Extra Black Oblique

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