What do you do when your designer friend Chris admits to you that he hates almost every sans serif font? If you are a type designer, you design a sans serif font that hopefully he will like. Chris told me he didn’t like the droopy shoulders of American Gothics, they looked old to him. He was also tired of the European Gothics due to over use, and there was just something too European about them. Sometimes he liked a typeface’s uppercase, but was disappointed with its lowercase. Sometimes it was the reverse. He like a little bit of squareness in the forms, but not too much. So I went to work designing something I hoped Chris would like. At first I made the x-height too tall, so now it is lowered. He wanted a nice range of weights and several widths, so I gave him 10 weights in four widths with obliques for a total of 80 fonts. Happily, Chris likes Trilon a lot. He uses it for almost everything now. (I hope he doesn’t get tired of it)

I call it Trilon because I have built at least three different personalities into the design by way of OpenType Stylistic Sets. Set 1 changes the lowercase g from the double bowl design to a simpler single bowl style. Set 2 changes the lowercase a from its default two-story design into a one-story design. Set 3 changes the lowercase y from the diagonal v style to an upright u style. Set four changes all of these with one command. (Great for applying to the oblique versions to give them a more distinct personality).


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Extra Thin & Black
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Extra Thin
Extra Thin Italic
Black Italic

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Thin & Demi Bold
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Thin Italic
Demi Bold
Demi Bold Italic

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Light & Bold
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Light Italic
Bold Italic

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Regular & Extra Bold
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Regular Italic
Extra Bold
Extra Bold Italic

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Medium & Heavy
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Medium Italic
Heavy Italic

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