social-opentypeSocial is the best rounded sans available. So much better then all of those fat, overfed designs littering the on-line world. But hey, I drew it, so of course I’m going to say that!

After drawing two custom fonts of Social to harmonize with the logo I developed for Living Social, it was only a matter of time before it was expanded into a full-fleged family. Living Social had purchased one-year exclusive use on the design and that year was used to finish the development.

The roman design was unconsciously built on upright italic forms, so to my surprise, designing the italics were the easy part. The original roman single-story a of the custom family has been replaced by a two-story design. (The single-story a is available in a Stylistic Set.) Small caps were added as well as lots of different figure styles. This is my first retail release to support Vietnamese, and after having so much fun drawing all of those wonderful stacked accents and hooks and dongs, there is no doubt that all of my future fonts will include Vietnamese support as well.


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Thin & Heavy
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Thin Italic
Heavy Italic

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Light & DemiBold
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Light Italic
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Book & Bold
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