Quotient is a bit of a schizophrenic design. The uppercase is based, more or less, on Trajian Inscriptional proportions. A sort of Trajian Sans if you will. The lowercase, not very traditional at all, but I do think they go very well together. I tried to figure out an italic complement, but I was never happy with any of the approaches I tried, so no italics. I’m sure this will limit the use of this design in some people’s eyes, but, hey, the “New York Times” sets an entire newspaper without using italics for emphasis so maybe I’m on to something here, and Quotient does set very nicely as text.

So set it in all caps and get a stately look and use the lowercase to make a more unusual statement. All the fonts are full of the extended Latin support and OpenType features you have come to expect from my fonts, and as with all my newer font families, it supports Vietnamese as well. I hope you find it useful.


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