This may be the closest thing to a revival I will ever do. There is no denying the popularity and usefulness of the American Gothic trinity of Trade, News and Franklin Gothic. Personally, I’ve always been fond of Ludlow’s Record Gothic. A quirkier version of the others, its design construct was a hodgepodge of widths and weights, some with obliques, some without, and some looking like they belonged to quite different families. I wanted to incorporate an American Gothic into the Terminal Design library so I went about studying the crazy collection that is Record Gothic. Wanting to remove my innate sense of letter proportion from the development I decided early on to slavishly follow the proportions of the Regular and Bold weights of the original Ludlow design. Many of the drawing decisions this led me to were at first shocking to my sensibilities. Rather than “correct” what I saw as errors I kept to it and developed these two weights as a beginning reference. 

I used these to then create very thin and heavy extremes and developed a carefully calibrated series of weights. Something the original never had. While I was at it I developed the Greek and Cyrillic versions of the design and added quite a bit of latin script support, including Vietnamese. Unlike the oblique styles of News, Trade, and the original Record Gothic, the oblique styles in this family have all been drawn to correct any optical anomalies caused by digital slanting.

I do plan on continuing the development to include compressed and expanded versions, but wanted to release this new family as soon as I could. As with all of my work there are many OpenType features included in these fonts.

I hope you find them useful.


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Extra Thin & Heavy
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Extra Thin
Extra Thin Oblique
Heavy Oblique

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Thin & Medium
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Thin Oblique
Medium Oblique

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Light & Demi
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Light Oblique
Demi Oblique

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Regular Oblique
Bold Oblique

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