latin512ext-opentypeI don’t know if it is obvious or not, but the idea behind the Terminal Design font library, is to create my version of as many of the classic type face genres as I can. Latin 512 is my attempt at a Latin.

I’ve tried to get the definitive answer to why a triangle/wedge shaped serif design would be called Latin, to no avail I’m afraid. Early in my career I remember being told that this particular design first appeared in the Latin Quarter of Paris. I cannot recall who told me this, (some know-it-all compositor, I’m sure) but I can find no information that backs this up.

Others have said that it was this style’s appearance after so many years of Didot that caused people to mistakenly think it was a revival of the original Venetian latin types. Again, not much to back this up. Anyway, I’ve always been fond of these wedge serif styles. They have been used mostly as display and rarely have they appeared with italics or in a large family.

Latin 512 is an eighty-font family available in 4 widths, ten weight with corresponding italics in each width. It is chock full of OpenType features and it supports Vietnamese as well. So maybe I got a little carried away. I hope you find it useful


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Extra Thin & Black
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Extra Thin
Extra Thin Italic
Black Italic

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Thin & Demi Bold
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Thin Italic
Demi Bold
Demi Bold Italic

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Light & Bold
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Light Italic
Bold Italic

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Book & Extra Bold
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Book Italic
Extra Bold
Extra Bold Italic

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Medium Italic
Heavy Italic

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