enclave-opentypeAfter a tour of the Tiger Mountain at the Bronx Zoo, the question arose as to what sort of typeface could be used to present the large passages of text that accompanied the exhibit. Although never used for the tiger exhibit, Enclave was the design that came out of the explorations designed to answer that question. A distinctive slab-serif design that shakes off the 19th century Egyptian characteristics that have limited the range and appeal of slab-serifs in general. Quite condensed overall but particularly in the lighter weights, Enclave is highly readable as text. Its large range of carefully graduated weights and lively italics makes it a perfect choice for editorial and corporate design.


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Thin & Demi Bold
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Thin Italic
Demi Bold
Demi Bold Italic

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Light & Bold
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Light Italic
Bold Italic

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Book & Extra Bold
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Book Italic
Extra Bold
Extra Bold Italic

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Medium Italic
Black Italic

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